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Fireplace Accessories In Overland Park, KS




Vent-less Gas Logs

Provide heat that cannot be compared to any other gas logs
  • Remote controlled!
  • No odor!
  • Very efficient heat rating!
  • Starting at just $1195.00!

Vented Gas Logs

Provide the ambiance that any real wood logs.
  • Either hand-light or even remote controlled!
  • 18 inches all the way up to 48 inches in some models!
  • Very realistic while burning
  • Starting at just $500.00!

Fireplace Doors

Our fireplace doors, screens, fronts & surrounds can update any fireplace quickly!
  • All can be made custom to YOUR fireplace
  • Installed by authorized dealers
  • Over 36 models that will be made to your order
  • Starting at just $200.00 for chain mail screens!
Part of the modern interior with fireplace — KC Gas Fireplace Service in Overland Park, KS
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